Dentists using spun glass figurines to help patients of all ages

In South Africa there are many medical practitioners who have spun glass and other figurines in their offices and examination rooms. Dentists especially feel that it calms not only children, but their meaning-well parents down. It has been shown over and over again that parents tend to relay their fears of the dentist to their kids. Hence, the figurines are implemented to distract the children which then in turn distracts their parents. The parents become more calm and in turn their little ones calm down not only by being distracted by the interesting figurines, but also as a direct result of the parents not being as anxious.

In a doctor’s exam room there are normally many distractions for kids and grown ups alike, but not many in a dentist’s office. Therefore you need to be a tad more creative as a dentist.

dentist spun glass figurine

We do not know why people of all ages are so fascinated with glass figurines and might never understand it. But, it is still one of those truths you cannot deny and use it to your advantage as many dentists do.

One such dentist, who has quite an affinity for these spun glass statuettes and has an impressive tenfold collection of these figurines, are so sure of their effectiveness with children and parents alike that he takes 5 minutes out of each of his patients appointments to give them the grand tour of his well-beloved collection. Dr. G, this dentist Midrand also has quite an unique approach to explain to his patients, young and old what it is he is going to be Working on in their mouths. He has a few glass figurines that look like teeth, jaws and dentures. The dentist then shows the patients where exactly he wil be working in their mouths and then also on which teeth and how he will proceed with injecting the anesthetic if needed. How he will take x-rays, clean the teeth and put in new stops if needed.

With adults the processes are sometimes a lot more complex. But, Dr. G says that it seems to calm the nerves of even the most anxious patients when they have an inkling as to what to expect.

Interstingly enough, this dentist in Midrand has found that for the children, what works best is to show them on some of their various animation heroes’ figurines such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and even Scooby Doo, Ben 10 and collectibles. It’s something or someone that the kids can relate too. And if their heroes can do it then so can they.

donald duck glass figurine

That is just another way where spun glass figurines can be used in an entertaining as well as creative and practical way. Who’d have thought.

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